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Welcome to the Planetside 2 Category Page. This is meant for the members of the Stone and Westfield Community that are interested in joining the Planetside 2 full scale war.


Planetside 2 is available on Steam and their website, .

Make an account and create your character. Please note that this is an MMO game and will require patience. Once you have created an account, look for us on the battlefield!

Joining the OutfitEdit

Once you have made an account and character, select a faction on the server Waterson, as it is where all the action happens. Listed below are who you need to contact to join the outfit.

If you chose the faction Vanu Sovereignty, add CaptainBeans to your friends list. I will contact you as soon as possible. From there you will join the Stone and Westfield Division. 

If you chose the Terran Republic, add Maulunestros to your friends list. I will contact you when I can. You will join the outfit, Westfield and Stone Division.

If you chose the New Conglomerate, add Scisor78. As I have said, I will contact you as soon as possible. You will join the Centreville Chantilly Division. 

Good luck to all who fight for their cause. May your aim always be true. 

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